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Frantic meditations of a cool saddo

"All important rubbish made to publish made to last..."

Martin Bizarro
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I live in Totnes, one of the best places going - lots of hippies, healers, socialists, artists, bookshops, historic buildings and general aceness.

I'm in some bands!
The A band (or whatever they're called this week) - the saving grace of improv or a bunch of freaks trying to make as much noise as possible?

The Strolling Ones - have been going on and off since the early eighties. Basically it's my brother and I being silly. Very, very silly.

But enough about me; Here's what I like:





1.618, 2000ad, 23, 391, alan moore, alchemy, alternatives, anarchism, ancient history, anti-racism, art punk, arthur c clarke, banksy, bbc radiophonic workshop, being a trans woman, being silly, beta band, books, brian eno, cabaret voltaire, captain beefheart, cartoons, casios, cassette culture, cats, celibacy, chaos theory, chips, classic sci-fi, comedy, conservation, creativity, cryptozoology, curry, dada, dartington, david lynch, delia derbyshire, devon, dinosaurs, douglas adams, dr who, dreams, early reggae, earth energy, einsturzende neubauten, electronic music, environment, escher, experimental music, fair trade, faust, film, film music, friendship, george orwell, ghost in the shell, good graffiti, graphic novels, greek philosophy, half man half biscuit, healing, herne the hunter, human rights, john a. keel, julian cope, jung, kraftwerk, laurie anderson, le tigre, legend, leonard cohen, lolcats, lyall watson, lyrics, marvel comics, mental health, mixing it, noise, non-fiction, obscure music, organic food, otherkin, outsider music, oxfam, paganism, parallel universes, parapsychology, peace, peter gabriel, pillows and prayers, pj harvey, portishead, post-punk, promethea, punk, pythagoras, randomness, red dwarf, reiki, richard youngs, rough trade, sampling, satyagraha, so bad it's good, songwriting, sound art, soundtracks, spike milligan, star trek, stone circles, surrealism, swell maps, talking heads, tea, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the divine androgyne, the eighties, the environment, the fall, the goddess, the green man, the master and margerita, the mothman prophecies, the outer limits, the residents, the sea, the wire, throbbing gristle, tim burton, totnes, trans women, transition towns, trees, trip hop, vegetarianism, vinyl, walking, wfmu, wikipedia, wildlife, wire, women's rights, zen